Permanent Make-Up with Anne Ackerson


Wake up beautiful every morning with permanent makeup! It will shorten your morning routine because most of your makeup is already on and ready to go!

Permanent makeup is applied the way you apply your makeup with me making small suggestions to enhance your natural beauty. What could be better than to have your makeup looking as good in the evening as it does in the morning?

Imagine having perfectly shaped brows, beautifully defined eye liner and luscious lips 24/7 ! I know you are going to love permanent makeup as much as I do!


Anne Ackerson
Permanent Makeup Artist


Permanent Makeup Photos

Permanent Eye Liner:

Eye liner is applied how you would wear your daily eye liner. I prefer to use black because your eye lashes are black. I charge $175 for both eyes, top and bottom.




Permanent Eye Brows:

Eye brows are drawn on with a black pencil, so you can see the shape before I start with the permanent ink. I charge $175 for both eye brows.



Permanent Lip Liner:

Lip liner is drawn on prior to applying permanent ink. I can change the shape of your lips, add color in a natural shade or something bolder. I charge $175 for lip liner.



Permanent Full Lips:

Full lips are started just like the lip liner. I can make the liner the same color as the lips or a differsnt color. Once the outline is on, I fill in the color on the entire lip. I charge $525 for a full set of lips with or without lip liner.