Permanent Make-Up with Anne Ackerson

Have a Party at your house!!

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your interest in offering permanent makeup at your location. I love being an artist and welcome any opportunity that comes my way.

I offer your clients over 17 years of experience and 1000's of procedures.

I offer you 10% of my income for the clients you have booked and who invest in any of my services or I perform one procedure on you for every 6 clients. I ask that you try to book a minimum of 6 clients per visit. I can perform as many as 23 procedures in a day but like to keep the list at around 18.

I offer permanent eye liner, eye brows and lip liner for $175 per visit per procedure. One procedure takes 45 minutes from the time the client walks in to fill out paperwork until they are walking out of the door. Two procedures with the same client takes 1 hour.  Each touch-up is an additional $175. I offer a full set of lips for $525 . Full lips take me one hour.

I bring everything I need to perform permanent makeup. I ask you to supply cold, damp wash cloths for the client to comfort themselves after the permanent makeup procedure.

Please call me with any other questions.


Anne B. Ackerson